How to Make Billion Dollars in Indian Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market

The most vulnerable market, yet very predictable business sector of India.

Yes, real estate in India is on a rise. With the new government taking charge at the Centre and the investor-friendly announcements in its first budget, global investors have got interested in the Indian real estate market once again.

There are a lot of potential buyers and investors who are looking towards India for sound business prospects. They all feel confident about India because things are already changing. The government is all set to display a few more effects to prove that India is going to be an investment-friendly market and is going to invite FDI in various other fields too. With such euphoric market conditions, real estate becomes an important investment sector for those who want to earn some serious money and it is not difficult at all.

How to make a billion dollar in the Indian Real Estate Market?

Well, I proffer an answer to it, and a rather structured one.

Aspiring huge gains from real estate market today, is the most meaningful business objective, looking at the political and economic changes taking place in the nation.

Most new investors or agents looking to make fast money in the market of real estate are always eager to know the secrets that the veterans in the business posses. The real thing is that there are no true secrets about the sector. There are just some simple ideas and structured moves that must be played strategically in order to receive good returns.

To start with, I would like to state that Indian realty is growing at 30%, particularly in Tier II and Tier III cities. The $15 B realty market is expected to reach $90 B within the next few years. If you have proper info, you can profit hugely from this bullish market.

Tips to make billion dollar in Indian Real Estate market

Market Research

One has to go through various news reports, real estate magazines and on the ground information about the sector to keep abreast of various upcoming townships, commercial establishments and the government’s plans of investments.

For example, Gurgaon City in Haryana has offered dizzying height of returns purely on the fact that the growth of the city happened at an unexpected rate. With exceptional infrastructure growth happening and a horde of multinationals mushrooming in the city, the real estate prices went skyrocketing and the veteran investors earned unprecedented profits.

Even the farmers whose land were purchased to turn them into malls or investors who had put their money at the beginning of the boom, more than a decade back, have all turned into multi-millionaires!

That’s what a far vision is all about. One has to keep a keen eye on infrastructural growth prospects and related markets. Research is an ongoing process.

Choosing the Best Property

It will depend on a strong knowledge about the background of various existing and upcoming real estate projects. After carefully scrutinising all possible practical details at hand, invest in a property that offers or has best credentials to offer the highest possible returns.

Trading in Property

This is another way to earn quick and big bucks in real estate. Here you can buy a lucrative land or constructed property at a pre-determined fee and then sell it at a profit after a few months as soon as the prices escalate! This might sound like becoming a “real-estate agent”, but it does help in making you invest in various properties and avoiding to put all eggs in one basket.

Income from Real Estate

This is where you earn rental incomes from commercial and non-commercial investments, i.e. from residential flats or offices. This not only assures a fixed income every month, if the funds earned in such a manner are used diligently, it can help you in making more investments in the sector. The vicious cycle of earnings and investments can help you have a bigger portfolio to keep you safe from any future risks.

Targets and Goals

Keep practical goals about achieving returns from investments. In case you are into just buying and selling a property, make a mark about the price you want to sell at and don’t keep waiting for profits to increase. This will help you in making profits and re-investing in better propositions. ( Learn More Here Best Home Buying Process & Home Selling Tips)


Real Estate Mutual Funds and Real Estate Investment Trust are two vehicles for even a small scale investor to get healthy returns from the real estate sector. According to the proposed norms by the government, a small investor can become part of the booming sector with as little as Rs. 10,000/-.

The government is coming out with various legislations and proposals to invite foreign investors to boost the real estate market. As the FDI increases, so will the activity in infrastructure sector. This seems to be the right time to work towards gaining knowledge about the sector and making sure your investments are sound and on their way to make you a billionaire!

Start your exercise NOW!

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