How You Can Effortlessly Sell Your Home in Less Than 100 Hours?

A home is a place, where you have memories, your special moments and your favorite spots. Deciding it to sell is not an easy task, but sometimes letting it go is the Mantra we all stick to. So here we are assembling some important points to make this process wee bit easier.

How You Can Effortlessly Sell Your Home in Less Than 100 Hours?1. Decide to sell and choose an agent.

First and most important step, ask yourself, are you ready for this big decision, also plan in advance about your future after selling your home. Once you decide this, the next step is finding an agent, to help you understand the market, putting up the phase value and getting you the right buyers.

2. Determine your selling price.

Deciding your selling price and property inclusions comes next. Your property’s location, size, age and features will be assessed, as will the current market and area trends. You can now easily estimate the value of your property.

3. Sign an agreement with the agent

To avoid any problems in legal matters, it is always good to keep things documented. Hence we suggest you to bind an agreement, with your agent after deciding the commission on the sale. The agreement can also consist of assessment fees, as in the case of advertisements.

Sell your House

4. Advertising and showing your property.

You can click photos of your property and put classified advertisements in paper or on online retailing portals. Once a buyer is keenly interested you can always welcome them to show your place.

5. Sale and Negotiations

Usually the buyers take time to decide, but once they show interest it is always good to come to the next part. Always keep in mind that negotiations will take place so keep your price a bit high, like 10-15 % extra from the actual selling price.

6. Token money and Legalizing

When the negotiations are done, you can get your papers ready. Mostly the buyer gives money in several phases so it is important to keep it legal. Decide the percentage amounts and duration of time during which you will receive the entire amount. Form legal agreement and give one copy to the buyer, along with each party’s signature on each copy.

7. Settlement Day

After receiving the complete amount of the sale, handover the keys and papers of the house to the new owner. You can decide the date to move out of the house accordingly.

Good Luck for your future endeavors.


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